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Kayak or SUP Tour in Nosara

This tour starts at Nosara River mouth, that offers amazing views. You will row on Montaña river which runs parallel to the ocean, during a one hour ride you can spot different types of birds and if you are lucky even a crocodile. Along the way our guide will provide information about wildlife and Nosara’s biodiversity.

Approximately one hour after starting the tour, there is a stop to visit Nosara beach that can only be accessed by water, you will have the entire beach for yourself while enjoying fruit and coconut water snack. The river’s calm water allow this activity to be suitable for all ages and physical condition. Available in kayak or stand up paddle board.

What to Wear on Your Kayak or SUP Tour in Nosara

When heading out on a kayaking tour in Nosara, comfort and functionality are key. You'll want to wear clothing that can get wet and dry quickly. Here's a suggested list of what to wear:

  1. Quick-drying shorts or swimsuit
  2. Synthetic, moisture-wicking shirt
  3. Light, long-sleeved shirt for sun protection
  4. Sun hat or cap
  5. Sunglasses with a strap
  6. Water shoes or sandals with good grip
  7. Waterproof, reef-safe sunscreen
  8. Rashguard or wetsuit (optional)

Remember, the weather in Nosara can change quickly, so it's best to be prepared for different conditions.

What to Bring on Your Tour

It's important to pack light for a kayaking tour, as you'll need to keep your belongings in a dry bag. Here's a list of essentials to bring along:

  1. Waterproof camera or phone case
  2. Insect repellent
  3. Reusable water bottle
  4. Snacks or a light lunch
  5. Small dry bag for personal belongings
  6. Extra set of clothes for after the tour
  7. Towel
  8. Personal medication (if needed)

Where to Meet

You will be picked upper the tour at Casas Kismet by Experience Nosara and driven to the river mouth where the tour will start. The transportation is included in the price.


A kayaking tour in Nosara can vary in length, but most tours last between 2-4 hours. This duration allows ample time to explore the mangroves, estuaries, and beaches while also taking breaks to observe wildlife, learn about the local ecosystem, and enjoy a snack or lunch.

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