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First Hand Testimonial From the Balanced Man Retreat

Today, we are honored to share a heartfelt testimonial written by one of the participants of our recent Balanced Man Retreat hosted at Casas Kismet. This retreat was a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation, designed to help men find balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives.

As we read through the words penned by this retreat participant, we are reminded of the profound impact that our time together had on each individual who joined us. From the scenic beauty of our surroundings to the deep connections forged with fellow participants, every aspect of the retreat was crafted with intention to create an environment conducive to growth and healing.

Join us as we delve into this testimonial, exploring the insights gained, the challenges overcome, and the moments of inspiration that defined this transformative experience. May the words of our retreat participant serve as a testament to the power of self-discovery and the importance of finding balance in our lives.

“Dear Brother Terry,

I have been wanting to write to you since the retreat concluded, but I grappled with how to properly express my Profound Gratitude to you. Sorry it took so long!

When I got the info for the retreat, I knew instinctively that it was perfect for my current stage of growth, but I couldn’t possibly have fathomed the width and the depth of it. I had hesitations and doubts too, but some force was pushing me to say “Yes”, and I am so very glad I obliged.

Saying that the week is Packed with Gems feels like an understatement. There has been so much learning and growth, and so many wonderful memories. 

From the beach walks, I am taking home with me the lovely feelings of stepping on warm sand, and touched by the gentle waves. From the surf lessons, I experienced the thrill and excitement of riding the waves, and was reminded to keep my brothers informed and not let them worry when I am venturing out (sorry again!). From the archery lesson, through learning this ancient art, I felt a connection with our ancestors, almost as if I was having a dialog with them. Through observing the wooden frames of the bows, I was reminded that a perfect bow can be made from an apparently imperfect piece of wood, just like us humans - we can become best in what we do even starting with apparently imperfect raw talents. I was also Very Moved seeing you showing JW archery. There are few scenes more beautiful than seeing a father gently showing the son an art that he is an expert in, and few scenes more touching than seeing the proud and gratified face of a father who sees that the son possess the potential of professing that art!

From the self-defense classes I learned, among so many other things, how valuable it is to fall correctly. And through my later discussions withs Dan, fall correctly not just in a literal sense, but also in the process of sailing through life in general. The The Kinecion classes by Jasper really reminded me to pay attention to my postures, and he made it clearer than ever how postures are connected to a man’s energy, to our airs and vibes, and to our attitudes in life. Through the breath work from Jeremy I felt the vast amount of energy flowing through me - I have had experience with breath work before, but this totally took it to a different level, a different dimension. Later even during the medicine ceremony without planning I integrated the breath work in.

The death ceremony really helped put so many things into perspective, and I learned a huge amount from recording for Jeremy as well. I appreciated him as a human, as a brother and as a spiritual worrier even more. And the medicine ceremony, I can’t even start to describe the experience. It was more profound than profound. It was raw, revealing. It was solemn, sacred. Importantly, it was clear to me that the presence of You and Jeremy was an Integral Part of the solemnness and sacredness. You were with me during the journey all along. You were the container outside the container of the facilitators to keep us all safe. Even last night in my apartment I had another very profound healing experience facilitated by mushrooms - it felt like another ripple from the medicine ceremony.

In short, I literally feel I have been drinking rocket fuel and experiencing super-sonic speed growth in the past 2 weeks. One other important thing that became clear to me through the retreat, was that it was also a window for me to know you and appreciate You as a person, and your life’s work. From the very first call with you, through our short conversations your reassuring, considerate, firm words dissipated any of my hesitations. From the the detailed, well crafted intake form, to the personalized dairy-free meal; from the patiently waiting to pick me up at the airport to sending us off in a nice van back to the airport; from extending the availability of morning coffee to adjusting the schedule on Friday to suit our energy levels; from the well-thought out, progressively deepening of experiences by the day to the constantly changing but always delicious, hearty, nutritious, beautiful meals every time; from seeing how you interact with fellow participants, coaches, facilitators, your family members, to how you treat workers maintaining the property - You kept your words. You have always gone above and beyond. You never dropped the ball, Ever.

I am witnessing and learning how you exemplify reliability, flexibility, humility, care, gentleness, friendship, brotherhood, parenthood, tolerance, patience, resilience, and yes Responsibility, Discipline and Integrity, also lightheartedness, humor, and more. 

I understand that all these qualities do not come easy. They come through years of experience and discipline, probably much toil and pain as well. So I am neither taking it for granted, nor lightly. I understand how Very Lucky I am to be learning from you from closeup. And I am beyond grateful that you opened your door and let me in, to learn, to grow, under your protection.

Something that I told myself before the retreat started, was that I am going to give it 100%, and I am allowing myself to be a child - not in the sense of being a big baby, but being innocent and un-assuming. So in a way, I was leaving from the formerly people-pleasing, making-sure-everyone-else-is-taken-care-of version of myself behind me when I boarded the plane. I instinctively knew that would be how I could best benefit from the retreat, but upon reflection I realize it was more fundamentally because I knew with you holding the space I am placed in the most favorable environment to rejuvenate and to grow.

I also realized that I am Very New to being in touch with my masculine energy. This is powerful, vibrant, dignified, protagonist energy in me that has been waiting for so long to be recognized. I was elated to strongly resonate with this energy during the retreat, but I quickly realized that I am far from having mastered the ability to guide or use it properly. Upon reflection I realized that at the retreat there were moments when I had not been very gentle with myself or considerate to the other participants. Later it perhaps also showed during the call and in the group chat as well - I apologize for my missteps, and I appreciate the tolerance, guidance and protection from you and other brothers. On the long journey of self-discovery and growth ahead, I continue to rely on your experience, guidance and expertise. If/when I might misstep again, please don’t hesitate to let me know - a word of advice, a slap on the wrist, or a kick in the butt if necessary!

Inspired by the example set by you, I vow to accept this sacred masculine energy with gratitude, protect it with dignity, and use it with principle and prudence - please help hold me accountable!

Thank You!!

With profound gratitude,


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