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September 12, 2024

NOURISHED: Costa Rica with Erin Rachel Doppelt

NOURISHED: Costa Rica with Erin Rachel Doppelt
September 12-17, 2024

This is a deep spiritual retreat rooted in connecting to CREATIVITY & NOURISHMENT. These retreats where we beautifully come together are truly where we see the ah-ha moments, the epiphanies, the legacy offers and the new ideas being created with intention.

Daily spiritual practice, ceremony, meditation, breathwork, mastermind & embodiment sessions. Be prepared to dive deep within self. Honor silent mornings, powerful morning spiritual sessions, midday thought provoking and curiosity enhancing workshops and evening ceremonies. There will be one free evening in town.

Learn More About Erin's Retreat: Click Here!

Erin Rachel Doppelt
About Erin:

Erin Rachel Doppelt is a spiritual psychology and meditation teacher with her master’s in psychology in education with a spirituality mind body focus from Columbia University Teachers College. She spent her twenties living in Israel, India, and across Asia and Europe, studying with diverse gurus and yogic educators. Erin is the CEO and founder of the international brand Spiritual Intelligence, which hosts certification trainings and business and spiritual courses to support those looking to live their most unedited, nourished, and soul-authentic life. Erin is the creator of UpLevel Meditation, an active meditation framework supporting those in healing anxiety, depression, and ADD/ADHD and shifting negative thoughts toward the light. She is also the founder of the Align Coaching Certification, where you become a certified meditation teacher and spiritual psychology coach. Erin’s frameworks have been featured by SXSW, NBC, Google, Healthline, and Nike. She is also the host of The Wise Woman Podcast, your place to get insights on Erin’s life, exciting guests, and spirituality and psychology tools to deepen your connection to Self and your highest possible timeline. She is from Chicago and enjoys traveling the world with her husband, Jon, reading in cafés, drinking strong coffee, and eating ethnic food. You can connect with her on Instagram and TikTok @erinrdoppelt or on her website, Buy her book here